Prices from January 1st 2023


Western Consultation

Consultation <20 min €35,00
Consultation >20 min €60,00

Chinese Consultation

First consultation €45,00
First consultation >30 min €60,00
Follow-up consultation €25,00


Classic acupuncture €60,00
Needle knife acupuncture (thin) €85,00
Needle knife acupuncture (thick) €125,00
Ear acupuncture €35,00
Moxa therapy €65,00

Additional treatments (cupping, small needles) + 10,00

Chinese Herbs Treatment

Herbs follow-up consultation €25,00
Herbs tea bags €5,00 per bag
Chinese herbs €70,00 per 3 bags

Please note: payments are only possible by debit card or cash.
Unfortunately we don’t accept credit cards.

If you don’t cancel your appointment in time (less than 24 hours in advance),
we will charge a stay-away rate of €30,00.

“It gives me great satisfaction when I see how patients can learn to stay healthy;
how they themselves have gained an understanding of their body’s signals and how they can adjust their lifestyle accordingly.”

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